We all tend to have at least one insurance policy and some of us will have a lot of different insurances. We need it if we drive and own a vehicle, if we have a mortgage and we may want it if we have lots of possessions, a pet or for health or dental care. There are many companies offering many types of insurance and it can be tricky knowing which ones to choose. This can be a very personal decision but it is worth thinking about some of the main factors that might influence your decision.


Cost is something which should be really important to all of us. None of us want to pay more for something than necessary. However, it is a good idea to make sure that we are getting good value for money. It could be that you will find that you are paying less, but you are not getting that you need. So, if you do make a claim then you will not get what you expect. Of course, you also do not want to be paying more than necessary and some companies will charge more than others for the same things.


Some people like to only use an insurer that they have heard of. This is usually because they feel that they will be able to trust them more. Unfortunately, this is not a good reasoning. Just because a company is well-known it does not mean it is any better than a less well-known one. They may in fact, be able to get away with charging more and providing a worse service because people go with them as they assume they will be better. A less well-known company will need to be good so that people start to recommend them or use them again as they cannot rely on their reputation. Of course, this does not apply to every insurer but just be cautious if you are using this method to judge who to use.


It is good to find out a bit about the reputation of the insurer. Do a bit of research and look at reviews to see what they are like. You are likely to find more bad than good about all insurers as people tend to get inspired to write reviews and comments more often if they are disappointed or angry. However, it can be worth a look.

Used before

It can be the case that some people will be more likely to want to go with an insurer they have used before. This makes sense because you build up trust – if you have had a good service form them then you will be happy that you can trust them again. Of course, if you have had a bad experience it is very likely that you will want to avoid them!


You may like to use an insurer that comes recommended. Ask people you know whether they can recommend one and they are likely to be happy to let you know about their experiences of different insurers. This can be very helpful.

Customer service

Some people feel that the customer service that they get from an insurer is important. If you have any queries or questions, or want to make a claim, then you want to be confident that you will get the help that you need. Therefore, making sure the customer service is good could help. You will be able to find out for yourself if you get in touch with them before you take out insurance and ask them a few questions. You can judge how helpful they will be.

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